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Baseggio Graziella was Born in Treviso, in 1968. She lives an realizen her works in Casier,  district of Treviso, an evocative place,  in close contact with the environment of Sile river's natural park, where we have a continuous conversation bethween man and river and an intimate relationship which lasts through time. Since her youth, she has been standing out for her strong talent to wards art and creativity, supported by a domestic and cultural environment giving value to figurative arts. She graduateds at the "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Venice in 1991. Her works suggest to linger on the sense of infinity and human existence, calling for attention on nature and creation. The spiritual aspect shows preponderantly in her works and goes along with the base and a necessity in the artist's route. For 2017 she has become interested in pottery art attending the "Bochaleri", a Venetian ceramists association, using raku ceramic as a real contemporary language. She's a member of Artisti Trevigiani Association and of Space San Vidal in Venice. She is operative in the Italian and international artistic panorama, taking part in may exibitions, collectives and national and international contests, always obtaining a considerable interest of her originaliry and the conceptual expression of her works.



2015    Contest Combact Prize with the work "The Invisible Nature".

2016    Yicca International Contest of contemporary art with the work "Winter games", picture .

 2017    Collective exibition "Istinct",  in Elle Gallery , Treviso, Italy.

2018     Collective exibition in Mecenate, Treviso, Italy; third international Collective exibition "New exspression" Dem Gallery, Mestre, Venice, International Contest "Blu forever", Treviso, Italy; Personal exibition "Fluctuating reflexions", in Biznaga Gallery,  Venice; Collective exibition "Visual Conversation", art centre San Vidal, Scoletta di San Zaccaria, Venice; Collective Exibition "Art Essence" Accademic Theatre in Castelfranco Veneto , Italy; Collective Exibition "Nature in Art", Treviso, Italy; International Art Exibition "Hic Et Nunc", Egypt embassy in Rome.


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