80 Dartmouth St., 02116 Boston, Massachusetts - Phone +1 (857) 389-0702 WhatsApp +39 3494101896

Il PADIGLIONE ITALIA - Italian Contemporary Art Gallery is a permanent contemporary art gallerly that exhibits and sells exclusively Italian artists.
The gallery is in Boston (80, Dartmouth St), in the South End area, the first artistic neighborhood of downtown Boston, which has the highest concentration of artsit’s studios and galleries.

The gallery opens on May 1st 2018. The online sale is already active.

The gallery’s portfolio includes:

  • A selection of imported art works from Italy.
  • A catalog/electronic archive of art works, available by order.
The gallery space is composed of three floors:
  • A space dedicated to themed exhibits, which will change weekly. This way we can guaruntee an equal time on show for each work or artist.
  • A projection room where images of the virtual archive are projected on the walls.
  • A room where the visitors can see the works that are not shown in the exhibition space.

The gallery has relationships with other exhibitions in Boston (galleries, hotels, shops with Italian brands, …). It acts as a connection with other galleries in North America (New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Toronto) or with Italian Culture Institutes.

Marketing strategies: the commercial activity of the gallery is supported by an important promotional plan. In addition to this website and a Facebook page we have:

  • The English website:
  • An English Facebook page with the same name as the webpage (under construction)
  • An English Twitter page (under construction)
  • Thanks to the recognition from the Italian General Consulate of Boston, we have a lot of contacts with the Italian Community’s activities and celebrations: i.e. we’ll be involved in the program of “Italian Month” (this October 12th, due to Colombus Day).

IL PADIGLIONE ITALIA è la realizzazione della visione senza confini di Beppe Simonetti, fondatore e curatore della galleria in Boston, che ha attuato il suo progetto attraverso una 'road to Boston' dall'Italia agli stati Uniti. La road ha ovviamente una partenza e un arrivo: Padova e Boston. Gli artisti che si incamminano lungo questa questa strada sono Italiani. Le loro opere arrivano a Boston e vengono esposte (e messe in vendita) nella galleria. Inoltre, da questa partono per altre esposizioni negli Stati Uniti e in Canada.

I due poli della road map sono, ovviamente, due luoghi fisici e due staff. La residenza permanente è a Boston (80 Dartmouth Street, Boston, Massachusetts) col nome di Italian Contemporary Art, referente Beppe Simonetti. Il punto di raccolta e partenza è a Padova presso MailBoxes ETC., via Belzoni 43, referente Sig.ra Tiziana.